Flu Season Training Dos & Doníts

Flu Season Training Dos & Doníts A lot of times, there's a fine line between a simple head cold and having the flu. With 25 states reporting widespread flu outbreaks, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia offers some general guidelines on how to handle gym commitments once you start feeling symptoms.

If you just have a stuffy nose, it's probably okay to continue training. But you should dial down the intensity of your workouts and train at home or outdoors as a safeguard from spreading germs. There's no reason to get anyone else sick. If you're running a fever or have aches and pains, exercise might do you more harm than good. Stay in bed and give your body the chance to recover.

True Strength Moment: January is a tough time to suffer a setback in chasing down fresh resolutions, but exercising when you're sick might be counterproductive. Give yourself the time you need to get well. Everyone else at the gym will thank you for it.
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