Savor The Season With Lift Bars

Santa's naughty list may not have a section for cheat food indulgence, but you can still be nice to your taste buds while watching what you eat. ON's Lift Bars are a great way to enjoy a decadently delicious treat that's packed with nutrients your body needs especially right after a workout.

Each Lift Bar provides 20 grams of lean muscle supporting protein, 32 grams of glycogen-replenishing carbohydrates along with hunger-satisfying dietary fiber, and 16 vitamins and essential minerals. The new Cookies & Cream flavor is outstanding and goes great with a warm mug of sugar-free cocoa. Best of all, you can enjoy one any time, anywhere!

Make our new Cookies & Cream Lift Bars a present to yourself as you get ready for another fit and healthy new year. And remember, you still have our Peanut Butter Crunch and Quadruple Chocolate Lift Bar flavor options too! You'll find them at gyms, sports nutrition retailers and

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