Get More Out Of Beta-Alanine

Get More Out Of Beta-Alanine Daily beta-alaine supplementation has been shown to elevate concentrations of muscle carnosine. Because carnosine can improve your capacity for work during high-intensity training, it's become popular with many athletes. An interesting study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology shows how supplementation impacts different types of athletes and non-athletes.

Researchers had 10 cyclists, 10 swimmers, 5 kayakers and 10 non-athletes consume 6.4 grams of beta-alanine daily for a period of 23 days. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy showed that carnosine levels increased 47% in the arms of non-athletes and 33% in leg muscles, levels considered insignificant for improving training performance. Kayakers had the biggest increases in their arms (89%) while cyclists realized the greatest gains in leg muscles (84%). Swimmers saw increases in carnosine levels in both arms (107%) and legs (82%).

True Strength Moment: Apparently, the more you work a certain muscle group, the more beta-alanine supplementation helps improve performance of those muscles. All the non-athletes have to do is make a point of regularly hitting the gym. The athletes in this study could even out beta-alanine's carnosine augmenting effects by balancing out their training.
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