Block Periodization For Cyclists

Block Periodization For Cyclists Experienced cyclists looking to build endurance for race season might want to consider a 4-week block periodization program outlined in a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports. It produced large to moderate improvements compared to traditional off-season training.

Subjects in the block periodization group performed 5 sessions of high-intensity training the first week with one weekly follow up session included in their low-intensity endurance rides over the next 3 weeks. Traditional training amounted to 2 weekly high-intensity sessions interspersed with long sessions of low-intensity roadwork.

True Strength Moment: Despite the fact that both groups performed a similar volume and intensity of training, filling the first week with majority of intense sessions produced superior adaptations. This could be the result of changing up a stale training routine. How long have you been sticking with yours?
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