A Creatine, Protein & Carb Combo

There's been a lot of research done on the advantages strength athletes can realize from combining creatine, protein and carbohydrates. But, until now, no one has studied how a combination of these nutrients affects cellular and subcellular adaptations. The findings, as outlined in Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise, show that resistance-trained individuals can experience increased muscle hypertrophy when taking such a supplement.

Experienced strength athletes were divided into 3 groups based on ability. One supplemented with protein, the 2nd was given a protein/carbohydrate combination and the 3rd took a creatine/protein/carb supplement. Then they engaged in 10 weeks of structured resistance training. In the end, the creatine/protein/carb group realized more dramatic improvements in 1 rep max strength, which was attributed to muscle hypertrophy. They also outperformed the other groups in terms of lean body mass composition, muscle fiber cross-sectional measurements and contractile protein comparisons.

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