Your Weekly Weight Changes

Your Weekly Weight Changes According to a study published in journal Obesity Facts, most people weigh more on Sunday night than they do on Friday morning. This is true whether you're watching what you eat or not. Researchers weighed 80 subjects aged 25 to 62 at breakfast every day for up to one year to make this determination.

Due to a more regimented weekday schedule of school and/or work, it's easier for people to watch what they eat Monday through Friday. On the less structured weekends, there are more temptations. Further analysis showed that successful dieters make up for weekend cheat meals by really dialing it in during the week.

True Strength Moment: Working out daily Monday through Friday and closely watching what you eat can help you make room for a sensible weekend cheat meal. It also gives you something to look forward to after exercising a week's worth of willpower. If you plan it out right, that cheat meal might add just enough carbs to trick your metabolism into not slowing down to preserve body weight.
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