Endurance Training Taper Tips

Endurance Training Taper Tips Compensation from training is the muscle adaptation that takes place during recovery. Super-compensation can occur a longer period as you taper off a high-volume block of training to prepare for competition. A study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise suggests a short period of overload training can produce superior results during the taper, but only for athletes who aren't on the verge of overtraining.

Researchers had 23 male triathletes engage in 3 weeks of overload training on bikes before tapering off for 5 weeks. Compared to 10 cyclists who stuck with their normal moderate intensity routine, 12 members of the overload training group realized superior adaptations during the taper. Unfortunately, the other 11 subjects didn't adapt very well because the overload phase fatigued them to the point where they weren't unable to maintain performance.

True Strength Moment: Overtraining can prevent you from realizing additional gains, and this is a perfect example of the difference between acute fatigue and a rate too extreme for normal recovery. In fact, some of these over-fatigued subjects came down with illnesses. Keep your training challenging, but know your limits.
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