Zinc Absorption Varies By Form

Zinc Absorption Varies By Form The essential trace mineral zinc plays an important role in athletic performance, but it's not all that unusual for tough competitors to be slightly deficient because zinc can be lost through sweat. A study published in The Journal of Nutrition analyzed the absorption rates of three forms of zinc on young adults.

Fifteen subjects received 10 mg of zinc as citrate, gluconate or oxide without food. The median fractional absorption of zinc citrate was 61.3% and zinc gluconate absorbed almost as well at 60.9%. The rate for zinc oxide was calculated at 49.9%.

True Strength Moment: Zinc deficiency can contribute to loss of weight, increased fatigue and decreased endurance. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for female adults is 8 mg and for adult males the RDA is 11 mg. If you aren't getting enough through a healthy, balanced diet, a multivitamin can provide micronutrient support for your active lifestyle.
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