Overtraining Promotes Catabolism

Overtraining Promotes Catabolism Over-eager newbies often make the mistake of lifting too heavy and not allowing enough time for muscle recovery. You can't expect to make gains if you're benching the barbell every day. This fact is illustrated in a study on lab rats published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Scientists had one group of rodents train with too much weight in closely spaced workout sessions that didn't leave enough time for recovery. Compared to a group of rats that didn't push plates, the overtrained rodents showed suppressed levels of growth factor proteins along with elevated levels of catabolic proteins after 12 weeks of training.

True Strength Moment: If you're intent on hitting the gym five or six days a week, try splitting your training with upper body muscle groups on day one, lower body muscles on day two and cardio on the treadmill or stationary bike the third day before repeating. Dividing the work between pushing and pulling movements is another strategy to help allow 48 hours of recovery for each muscle group.
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