Fatigue Increases Instability

Fatigue Increases Instability You'd think that an athlete's level of fitness would determine how well they handle on-field jumps and landings after fatigue starts to set in, but a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research suggests that isn't exactly true. Jump landing stability is impaired for both elite professional athletes and recreationally active adults alike.

Researchers had 18 ball sports athletes and 24 active adults run a treadmill for half an hour at their pre-determined anaerobic threshold. Then they performed a reaction jump test every 5 minutes for up to 30 minutes. All subjects showed impaired jump landing performance one minute after running, with no significant differences between groups.

True Strength Moment: Because the risk of injury increases with fatigue, this study demonstrates the importance of workout pacing. Give yourself enough time to rest between sets whether you're lifting weights, circuit training or performing skills drills on the field.
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