How Much HIIT To Keep Fit?

How Much HIIT To Keep Fit? Staying in shape during the season usually isn't an issue for top-tier athletes. It's the months when you aren't actively competing that can take something off your game. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research suggests how much High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to work into your off-season routine.

Seventeen semi-pro soccer players were assigned one of two HIIT workouts to perform during a 6-week off-season period. The routine involved 5 sets consisting of 4 minutes each at 87% to 97% peak heart rate. Some subjects worked the HIIT session into endurance training once a week while the rest did it every other week. A 20-meter shuttle test and maximal treadmill running showed that both groups maintained endurance capacity, but weekly HIIT slightly reduced shuttle run performance.

True Strength Moment: Because the shuttle run is a good indicator of on-field performance in soccer, elite players might want to go easier on High Intensity Training during the off-season. Every other week worked as well as weekly HIIT for keeping up with endurance capacity.
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