Women Vulnerable To ACL Injury

If you're a female who works out religiously, be extra careful about how you land after a jump or make quick cuts when running. Researchers from the University of Michigan have determined that women are 6 times more likely to experience ACL (anterior curciate ligament) injuries than their male counterparts. Because women have weaker glute and hamstring muscles, they rely more heavily on the quadriceps (thigh) to jump, rapidly change direction and perform squats.

The Bigger Picture: The ACL provides stability for the knee joint. Not only does it limit knee rotation, but also prevents excessive forward movement of the shinbone (tibia). Working on increasing your glute and hamstring strength could help prevent ACL injuries in many women. So ask a certified trainer how to isolate those muscles and build them up as part of your regular training.
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Jan 03, 2008
Would you still recommend glute and hamstring strengthening even after an acl injury would it help from the knee giving out on me