Getting More Out Of Cardio

Getting More Out Of Cardio Natural growth hormones are produced in response to exercise, and are typically more closely associated with weight room effort than endurance training. A study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise provides interesting insight into the 20-hour hormone response to different exercise durations.

Researchers had eight healthy male subjects engage in an hour of moderate intensity aerobic exercise, 2 hours of aerobic exercise, an hour of weight training or a 2-hour weight room session. The 2-hour aerobic effort resulted in the highest amount of energy expenditure and also the greatest increase in growth hormone secretion in the 20 hours following exercise.

True Strength Moment: Both weight training sessions resulted in similar hormonal responses, and it wasn't very different from the control condition where subjects didn't train at all. The study abstract didn't offer details on reps, sets, resistance or rest between sets. All we know for sure is a 2-hour run produces a more dramatic hormonal response than one hour.
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John Poteat
Mar 03, 2014
What happens if you break up the 2 hour aerobic session into 2 separate sessions?