Polyphenols Cut Oxidative Stress

Polyphenols Cut Oxidative Stress As good as exercise is, intense or prolonged physical effort can contribute to oxidative damage at the cellular level. What can you do to combat this unfortunate side-effect? A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests a diet rich in polyphenols can help reduce oxidative stress.

The study used 86 overweight or obese subjects and assigned them to a diet plan either low or high in polyphenol content. All other aspects of these daily meal plans were the same. After 8 weeks, a diet with plenty of polyphenols helped reduce fasting triglyceride concentrations and oxidative stress compared to a diet with low amounts or these compounds.

True Strength Moment: Foods with the highest concentrations of polyphenols include dried peppermint, dark chocolate and flaxseed. Black olives, pecans, blackberries, plums, artichoke heads and curry powder all rank in the top 30 polyphenol-rich choices according to a table in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Coffee, black tea and green tea come in at the number 36, 52 and 54 spots respectively.
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