Losing With High-Rep Training

You've heard how weight lifting can assist with weight loss, especially when coupled with a sensible diet and cardio training. While building strength, resistance workouts also increase your metabolic rate to burn more fat. British researchers recently conducted a study involving 1500 reps at 40% maximum effort. They found that this high-rep program reduced blood triglycerides (fat in chemical form), but also increased inflammation as measured after a meal.

The Bigger Picture: This study presents an interesting finding related to the reduction of body fat. While we would not recommend that anyone perform a workout consisting of so many repetitions, the short-term increases in markers for inflammation reported by researchers are not necessarily significant. A much better approach would be decreasing the number of reps and adding more weight, then varying the resistance, sets and reps periodically to keep your muscles from adapting to a stale pattern of training.
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