Five Second Rule Validated

Five Second Rule Validated One of the most widely accepted urban myths states that it's okay to eat food dropped on the floor if you pick it up within 5 seconds. While there's still a risk of bacterial infection, a study from Aston University's School of Life and Health Sciences suggests there is some truth to the 5-second rule.

Not only did researchers determine that time is a significant factor in the transfer of bacteria from a household surface to food, but the type of surface also makes a difference. For instance, germs are less likely to make the leap from carpeting to food compared to laminate and tile surfaces.

True Strength Moment: In a survey of food safety attitudes, scientists found that women are more likely than men to eat food that has fallen on the floor and 81% of those who would or have follow the 5-second rule. We don't recommend applying this thinking to protein powders.
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