Cool Triathlete Training Tip

Cool Triathlete Training Tip Training to compete in a triathlon can involve several blocks of intense exercise in a single day, especially for those at the elite level. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research suggests taking 10 minutes to cool off in water might support performance during your second session of the day.

Seven very experienced male triathletes ran seven 5-minute intervals at 105% of their anaerobic threshold before immersing their legs in cold or room temperature water for 10 minutes, divided up as a minute of immersion followed by a minute of rest on dry land. Nine hours later, these same subjects completed a 5-minute cycling time trial followed by six 5-minute high-intensity intervals on the bike. Cold water immersion improved performance during the 5-minute cycling intervals but not the 5-minute cycling time trial.

True Strength Moment: Researchers reported no differences in rate of perceived exertion between those who immersed their legs in cold or room temperature water. The effect on blood markers was unclear with the exception of interleukin-10 which has anti-inflammatory properties. If this cool-down after a tough training session helps your performance down the road, it might be worth experimenting with early on in your training.
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