The Optimal Balance Of Nutrients

The Optimal Balance Of Nutrients While maintaining a lean, fit frame can have a positive impact on your wellbeing in the long term, research published in the journal BioEssays discusses an evolutionary theory based on a very low nutrient diet for extending lifespan.

The practice has been shown to work with laboratory animals because dietary restriction can increase the body's rate of cellular recycling and repair. Nutrients stored in cells are recycled and reused, which also reduces the rate of cellular deterioration commonly associated with aging.

True Strength Moment: Of course, this theory doesn't apply to animals in the wild. Calorie restriction would leave them without enough energy or muscle strength to defend against predators. It's another example of too much of a good thing. Plan a healthy balanced diet that supports your body composition and fitness goals with enough carbohydrate energy to fuel exercise and ample amino acids for recovery.
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