Positive Vs. Negative Motivation

Positive Vs. Negative Motivation Some days, the hardest part of your workout is convincing yourself to make the trip to the gym. So what type of motivation works best? A positive memory, like reaching a new personal best, might do the trick. So can negative thoughts about diminished muscle size and strength. A study published in the journal Memory might help you decide which works best.

Researchers had 150 college students recall either a positive or negative memory to increase their motivation to exercise. Members of a control group we're told to motivate themselves without specific direction. The next week, those who used a positive thought increased their level of activity from the previous week. So did subjects who relied on negative memories. They weren't as active as the positive thinkers, but hit the gym more often that the control group.

True Strength Moment: The take home message here is to have a clearly defined plan. Like keeping a training and food journal to track your progress, more gets done when you apply proven strategies. New personal bests get harder to hit once you move past the gym newbie stage.
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