Eat Like A Sumo Wrestler

Eat Like A Sumo Wrestler Bodybuilders are all about weight gain. Their focus is packing on muscle, and this goal is shared by sumo wrestlers. Where these athletes differ is how they go about developing body mass. A study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Sport and Social Sciences offers some insight into the unique nutritional aspects of sumo wrestler training.

Twice daily, sumo wrestlers eat large quantities of a stew known as chankonabe or 'chanko'. Its foundation is a dashi chicken broth soup that's a rich source of protein. Chicken, fish, meat and vegetables are added, and the dish is consumed over rice for additional calories.

True Strength Moment: Although they might appear fat, sumo wrestlers have more fat free mass than most professional athletes. Protein from chanko and intense training help them build up huge amounts of muscle mass. The protein source in the chanko served at sumo tournaments is always chicken because, like the successful sumo wrestler, the chicken is always standing on two legs.
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