That's Set & Game Point

Your body has a built-in mechanism that scientists call a weight set point. Its purpose is to help you maintain a constant weight. Go on a diet, lose 20 pounds, and this set point control mechanism triggers hunger pangs while slowing your metabolism.

A complicated system in the hypothalamus (lower part of your brain) regulates hunger, satiety, energy absorption and food transit rates. Researchers from the University of California - Davis have discovered that you can override this system by supplementing with whey protein. How? Turns out that cholecystokinin released when consuming whey promotes satiety and discourages overeating.

The Bigger Picture: Many studies have shown that whey protein promotes muscle growth and fat reduction simultaneously. Unit recently, the reason for this advantageous contradiction was not fully understood. Although additional studies are encouraged, we now have a much clearer picture of how whey protein aids weight management efforts. Get in the game and supplement with whey after working out. A whey protein shake also makes a great between meals snack.
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