Teen Versus Adult Weight Lifting

Teen Versus Adult Weight Lifting Many high school aged athletes take to the weight room to develop size and strength for their sport. Although not necessarily for competitive sports, plenty of adults lift weights to keep in shape, build muscle and look their best. A study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness shows how adolescents outpace adults in one area.

Researchers had 13 adolescents and 8 adults perform supervised sets of calf raises, leg curls and leg extensions 3 times weekly for a 10-week period. Tests afterward showed greater explosive strength gains in squat jumps and countermovement jumps for the high school aged subjects. Improvements in maximum strength and anaerobic power were about the same for both groups.

True Strength Moment: The additional boost in explosive power for adolescents was probably related to a physical growth spurt which may have played a role in accelerating adaptation to resistance training. That doesn't mean these younger subjects needed less time to recover post-workout.
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