Cutting Calories May Extend Life

Cutting Calories May Extend Life For 25 years, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been home to 76 rhesus monkeys. After determining how much food each one typically ate, when they became 7 to 14 years of age some of these primates were put on a diet that restricted normal daily calories by 30% while others were allowed to eat as much as they wanted. Research published in the journal Nature Communications suggests that unrestricted diet increased the risk of developing disease nearly three times compared to monkeys on a restricted calorie diet.

True Strength Moment: While it's not known whether cutting calories by as little as 10% might produced similar results, or whether the effect translates to humans, not eating as much as you want is probably the best way to maintain a healthy weight and show off six-packs abs during the summer months. For some advice on what foods to work into that dialed-in diet, read today's Performance Blog at
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