This Carb Might Build Muscle

This Carb Might Build Muscle University of Iowa researchers used a biology tool known as the Connectivity Map to isolate a compound in green tomatoes that helped lab mice build muscle and lose body fat. The study on this compound known as tomatidine was published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

After discovering that tomatidine stimulated the growth of cultured muscle cells, scientists supplemented the diet of rodents with the green tomato compound. Compared to unsupplemented mice, they were able to exercise for longer, became much stronger, grew bigger muscles, but didn't gain weight because of the amount of body fat they lost.

True Strength Moment: Before you head out to the grocery store to buy a bushel of green tomatoes, researchers don't know whether the muscle building effect can be reproduced in humans or if consuming lots of green tomatoes is even safe. What they have concluded is, in a laboratory setting, tomatidine produces superior results to ursolic acid, a muscle boosting agent found in apple skins.
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