Weight Room Men Vs. Women

Weight Room Men Vs. Women Women adapt differently than men to weight training. Men are generally stronger, and women don't bulk up the way men do, but how do the gains compare when both genders engage in eccentric overload exercise using flywheel resistance? The findings of a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology might surprise you.

After testing 16 men and 16 women for dynamic strength, jump performance and maximal power, the group performed 15 sessions of flywheel squats spread over 6 weeks. After the training period ended, researchers determined that men were able to increase one rep max (1RM) by an average of 25% while women averaged a 20% increase in 1RM. Drop jump height and power improved similarly for both genders, and both men and women built up around 5% more muscle mass.

True Strength Moment: At higher loads, men typically outperform women with eccentric overload training. But the differences aren't all that dramatic, and women hold their own for strength, power and mass gains. You can accomplish whatever you put your mind to conquering.
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