Glucosamine & Carb Metabolism

Glucosamine & Carb Metabolism Most active adults use glucosamine as daily support for joints that are pushing and pulling plenty of pounds. Now at study performed at ETH Zurich and several German research institutions suggests the popular supplement may reduce the metabolism of sugar to extend lifespan.

Glucosamine was first applied to roundworms in a lab setting and found to extend life by about 5% compared to unsupplemented worms. Next, researchers fed 100-week old mice glucosamine, a point in their life which roughly translates into age 65 for human years. Compared to mice that didn't receive glucosamine, the supplemented rodents lived an average of 10% longer.

True Strength Moment: The mechanism behind this potential life-extending support is carbohydrate metabolism. Glucosamine promotes a breakdown of amino acids from protein which gain preference over carbohydrates as a source of energy. So, in terms of your body's metabolism, supplementing with glucosamine might be something like low-carb dieting because of the way it reduces carbohydrate uptake. If you're a worm or a mouse, that is. Exactly how it works in humans remains unclear.
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