Resisted Sprint Training Tips

Resisted Sprint Training Tips Pulling a weighted sled during an all-out sprint can have an impact on running mechanics and benefit track and field athletes during competition. The question is what much weight and how long to train. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research offers some insight on this training strategy.

College-aged males volunteered for 14 sessions pulling a weighted sled spread over 7 weeks. They performed maximal sprint accelerations with one of three different loads. Low resistance amounted to 5% of body weight, medium load was 12.5% and the heavy sled load was 20% of the subject's body mass. Compared to measurements taken before sled training began, heavy resistance worked best for improving 20- and 30-meter sprint performance, and a medium load produced the fastest times for 40-meter races.

True Strength Moment: Working with a heavy load to improve your time out of the blocks followed by some additional effort pulling a lighter load on the sled might help round out the sprint performance of recreational athletes. Experienced sprinters can enhance vertical jump and leg strength with medium to heavy load training.
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