Test Your Protein Knowledge

Test Your Protein Knowledge Following research by the NPD Group measuring the average consumer's understanding of protein, an online Harris Poll conducted for the American Meat Institute went beyond protein to challenge consumer nutrient know-how at the micronutrient level.

The survey found that only 12% of consumers realize that meat and poultry are the only natural sources of vitamin B12. Around 20% incorrectly named cruciferous vegetables as a source of B12 and another 14% wrongly guessed fruit. Switching to minerals, 52% of consumers thought the body absorbed more iron from leafy green vegetables. Only 17% knew that meat and chicken contain 'heme' iron, which is absorbed more efficiently.

True Strength Moment: Nutrition might not be the easiest subject to master, but increasing your understanding can pay dividends especially for those who are chasing ambitious physical goals. You probably weren't a weight lifting expert when you first started training. Strengthen your nutrient knowledge with the same learning by doing approach.
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