How Big A Beta-Alanine Boost?

How Big A Beta-Alanine Boost? To what degree can daily beta-alanine supplementation improve your performance? It's a little different for newbies compared to experienced athletes, as a study in the journal Amino Acids suggests. But both groups might have something to gain.

Brazilian researchers supplemented the diets of trained and untrained cyclists with 6.4 grams of beta-alanine a day for a 4-week period before having them perform repeated sprints on a bike. Compared to subjects who received a dextrose placebo, beta-alanine helped improve the performance of untrained subjects an estimated 2.5% while trained subjects improved 3.6%.

True Strength Moment: Although a 3.6% improvement might not seem like much, scientists figured it's about one-third of what someone new to cycling might accomplish over several years of training. That's a pretty impressive 4-week boost!
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