On The Ball Halftime Warm-Up

On The Ball Halftime Warm-Up Soccer players looking to stay on top of their game after the first half should consider the findings of a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports. Researchers found that a low-intensity warm up had a significant impact on second half performance.

Some of the 22 professional male soccer players used in this study followed their traditional passive rest protocol between halves while others did a low-intensity warm up. Although jump performance decreased after the first half for both groups, it was less severe in the warm up group. The sprint speed of these players was also better maintained during the second half, with longer ball possession compared to the passive rest group.

True Strength Moment: It appears that the best time to take it easy is after the match has been won. You can experiment with this active recovery strategy during different phases of practice to see if adds anything to your on-field performance.
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