Personal Calorie Monitor Accuracy

Personal Calorie Monitor Accuracy To estimate daily energy expenditure, many active adults make use of portable direct calorimeters that measure the difference between conductive, convective, radiative and evaporative body heat to calculate the amount of calories you're burning. A study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise tests the accuracy of these gadgets.

Thirty-four adult volunteers walked on a treadmill in a neutral room temperature condition and also under cooler conditions. They wore the Personal Calorie Monitor on their upper arm during two sets of 20-minute treadmill walks, and also while performing less active tasks such as using a computer and watching TV. Under room temperature conditions, they burned 623 calories on average during the 5-hour experimental session. In a cooler environment, the amount increased to 745 calories.

True Strength Moment: Researchers determined that under normal room temperature conditions, these devices are reasonably accurate, but not when used in cooler temperatures. The estimated energy expenditure might be off by as much as 173 calories during a 5-hour period. Adjust your goal tracking as needed.
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