Less Can Be More With Fiber

Less Can Be More With Fiber The general recommendation for daily intake of dietary fiber is 25 to 30 grams, but the most American adults only get about half that amount. Fiber is useful for supporting digestive health, and many dieters feel like it helps them feel full for longer, which can be useful for beating back snack cravings. How much is enough to realize these benefits? A study published in the Nutrition Journal examines the satiety potential of high and low doses of fiber.

Ninety-six volunteers were given 30 grams of oligofructose and pectin per day, 15 grams of this fiber blend, or 15-grams of maltodextrin (placebo) for 3 weeks. Although differences in food intake across this time period were considered statistically insignificant, high dose fiber supplementation reduced caloric intake by about 58 calories while the low dose of fiber contributed to a greater reduction of 74 calories.

True Strength Moment: Even if adding some dietary fiber into your diet only helps you reduce caloric intake by a little, all the strategies you apply to your weight loss goal can add up to produce noticeable results over time. Make a point of eating your fruits and vegetables.
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