Protein Bones Up On Dieting

Protein Bones Up On Dieting If you're cutting calories to dial in your best beach body, the density of your bones can suffer. Protein helps negate the loss of muscle mass while dieting, so researchers tested this macronutrient's potential for protecting bones by cutting the daily caloric intake of lab rats by 40%. Their findings were published in The Journal of Nutrition.

Eighty rodents were given either a normal serving of milk or soy protein (10% of total calories consumed), or an elevated amount equal to 32% of daily calories. After adhering to this restricted diet for 16 weeks, rats consuming a normal level of protein showed increased bone turnover. This was minimized in rats receiving higher amounts of either soy or milk protein, and they had greater calcium content and bone density than rodents on a restricted diet with lower levels of protein.

True Strength Moment: Although bone strength did not differ between groups, protein has a way of helping humans maintain or even increase muscle strength especially when you're committed to a well-planned routine of strength straining.
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