Load The Sled For Greater Gains

Load The Sled For Greater Gains Weight sled towing can help team sports and track athletes boost their sprinting speed. Like any exercise, there's a right and wrong way to perform this drill, and a study published in the Journal of Sport Sciences suggests not getting the resistance right can erase any potential gains.

Researchers had 10 active adult males in their late 20s sprint 5 meters pulling a sled with no added weight, resistance equivalent to 10% of their body weight or loaded down with 30% of their body weight. Since towing a sled with no weight or 10% of your body weight doesn't increase ground reaction force, little gains can be expected unless you go with the significantly heavier 30% of body weight resistance.

True Strength Moment: Building performance is no easy task. It requires a committed balance of nutrition and physical effort. This study illustrates the more is better approach, which might not hold up if you're tempted to load half your body weight onto the sled. Don't hurt yourself trying to determine how much is too much.
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