Whey Bar Helps Cut Calories

Whey Bar Helps Cut Calories After breakfast and before lunch satisfying a sweet tooth or snack craving with a bar doesn't always involve a glance at the ingredients list. If calorie-cutting is a concern, it should be. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that choosing a bar made with whey protein might help you reduce total daily caloric intake.

Researchers had ten lean male subjects consume calorie matched bars mid-morning for two weeks. One was made with whey protein. They found that daily energy intake was around 1,889 calories per day when eating a whey protein bar compared to an average of 2,160 using a calorie-matched equivalent bar with no whey protein. Blood levels of glucose and ghrelin were also lower in the subjects who got bars made with whey.

True Strength Moment: In addition to the potential for daily calorie reduction, treating yourself to a bar made with whey protein might help with muscle recovery. It can take up to 48 hours for muscles to completely recover from the breakdown that occurs during heavy weight training.
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