Spinach As Sports Nutrition

Spinach As Sports Nutrition All types of nutrients can be used to fuel physical performance. If you've been limiting your supplementation strategy to proteins, amino acids and caffeine, consider the potential of a popular food used in this study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.

Researchers recruited 20 experience male runners and had half supplement their diet with 1 gram of spinach per kg of body weight daily for 2 weeks. The rest received a placebo. After subjects ran a half-marathon (21.1 km), markers of muscle damage and oxidative stress were significantly lower in the spinach eaters compared to runners who were given a placebo.

True Strength Moment: While this study used a supplemental form of spinach, one leaf of fresh raw spinach equals about 10 grams and a 10-ounce package of those greens weighs in at nearly 300 grams. So consuming a gram per kilogram of body weight adds up to about a salad's worth for a 175 pound adult (80 grams, or one third of that 10-ounce package). Check out today's Performance Blog at ABBperformance.com for studies investigating the antioxidant and weight loss potential of coffee.
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