Whole Grain Weight Loss

You've probably heard that whole grain foods are much better for overall health than refined or processed grains. A new study reveals that whole grains may also assist with weight loss. Penn State University researchers recruited 50 obese adults (25 men and 25 women, average age 46), and had them consume 500 fewer calories per day than their normal intake for 12 weeks.

As for the bread and grain portion of this diet, half the subjects were randomly assigned whole grain choices while the other half received refined grains. Both groups lost weight over the course of the study, but the whole grain dieters lost more abdominal body fat than the refined grain eaters. Perhaps more important, the whole grain eaters decreased their levels of C-reactive protein by an impressive 38%.

The Bigger Picture: C-reactive protein produced in the liver is considered a good predictor of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular issues. The lower levels reported in the study's whole grain dieters is reason enough to switch from processed to whole grain foods. The added weight loss provides even more incentive. But don't stop there. Realize the full value of whole foods by avoiding all types of processed foods. Then make a point of regularly performing both resistance and cardio exercise.
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