Creatine For Soccer Training

Creatine For Soccer Training During the pre-season of any team sport, workouts are typically a lot harder than they would be during the competitive season. Consider the two-a-days football players endure. To see what creatine monohydrate supplementation had to offer elite soccer player during their pre-season strength and conditioning program, 14 players received daily creatine or placebo for 7 weeks. Findings were published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Countermovement jump tests were administered before and after the 7-week training period. At the end, jump height slightly diminished for the placebo group, but increased slightly for players who used creatine. The effect was small, but significant.

True Strength Moment: The countermovement jump test is an expression of lower body power, so it's reasonable to assume that increased power might have a positive effect on sprinting speed and shots on goal. See what supplementing with one of the world's most studied sports nutrition ingredients adds to your game.
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