Extended Exercise Vs. HIIT

Extended Exercise Vs. HIIT Many people gradually working their way into a healthier lifestyle start out by taking long walks and making an effort to remain seated less often during the way. A study published in the journal PLOS ONE suggests there might be some advantages to extended low intensity exercise that more intense effort can't match

Some normal weight 19 to 24 year old volunteers sat for 13 hours a day, breaking up this sedentary pattern by exercising intensely for an hour. Others sat for just six hours a day, walking for four hours and standing for another two. Both groups burned about the same number of calories but extended exercise helped those subjects improve their blood lipid profile to a much greater degree than intense exercise.

True Strength Moment: Depending on your reasons for getting more active, there's nothing wrong with starting out slow. In fact, as this study suggests, there may be some unexpected advantages. Going at it too hard for too long can have a negative impact on goals no matter how experienced or fit you might be.
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