Boost Your Muscle Endurance

Boost Your Muscle Endurance Whether you're working on building muscle endurance to post a better triathlon time or outlast team sports competitors on the field of play, a study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness offers a very simple technique that could help with your failure training.

Fifteen healthy men in their early 20s performed reps to failure on the leg press using 25% of their one rep max (1RM). They did this on three different occasions using different colored lenses in standard eyeglasses. One day it was clear lenses, followed by red and blue in randomized order. They were able to get in more reps when looking through blue tinted glasses.

True Strength Moment: Like psyching yourself up for a new personal best or a winning performance on the final play of the match, getting your head in the game almost always makes a difference. How the color blue supports endurance isn't known, but if you really believe it works, there's a good chance it might. Check out today's Performance Blog at for a trick to use while power training.
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