Abdominal Training Tips

Abdominal Training Tips Beach season has officially arrived which brings a renewed focus on 6-pack abs. For those who are busy putting the finishing touches on their look, a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research offers some suggestions for making the most of popular abdominal training tools.

Scientists assessed the activation of upper and lower abdominal muscles on 24 male volunteers who did sit ups with body weight only, using elastic bands equivalent to their 10 rep max, with feet on the floor, with feet on an exercise ball and with feet and glutes resting on an exercise ball. Muscle activation decreased about 23% with instability when using just body weight, but instability increased muscle activation by about the same degree when using elastic bands.

True Strength Moment: Balancing your feet on exercise balls to create instability didn't change the rate of muscles activation, but sitting on them did. The effect was greatest when resistance was applied. See if you can feel the difference on your next trip to the gym.
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