Race Where Women Outpace Men

Race Where Women Outpace Men Running a marathon is a physical challenge requiring a significant commitment to training. People new to this sport are bound to make rookie mistakes and a study published on the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise suggests non-elite women have the edge over their male counterparts.

Analyzing 2011 marathon performance from 14 different U.S. events involving 2,929 runners, researchers determined that the mean change of pace between the first and second half of the race was 15.6% for men but only 11.7% for women. Compared to males, females were one and a half times more likely to maintain a second half race pace less than 10% slower than the time it took them to complete the first half.

True Strength Moment: Whether this advantage was based on gender physiology differences, better decision making or both, practice levels the playing field over time. That's true for most athletic endeavors. For an interesting study on how pacing strategies change with accumulated fatigue read today's Performance Blog at ABBperformance.com
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