The Mitchell Report

No doubt you've seen, heard, or read at least something about the controversial Mitchell Report and its claims of rampant steroid use and abuse in professional sports. You may have also read the recent article in USA Today claiming that upwards of 25% of all dietary supplements contain banned performance-enhancing substances.

For over 20 years, Optimum Nutrition has offered athletes and health-conscious individuals high-quality, thoroughly-tested, tried-and-true dietary supplements including protein, creatine, glutamine, BCAAs, EAAs, and HMB. Each of which has been shown to be both safe and effective when used as directed. While we strongly suggest checking with your sport's governing body to determine what supplements are permitted, you can rest assured that using ON products will not result in testing positive for banned substances. We state this with certainty because as a manufacturer we control every step of the production process from raw material procurement, to formulation, to packaging and distribution.

The Bigger Picture: Optimum Nutrition will continue to be the "Ally for the Big Guy" and everyone else who wants to improve their physique and level of performance, strength, and general health with safe and effective sports nutrition supplements. We at ON are committed to serving as a standard by which real success is measured.
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Matt Mclean
Jan 09, 2008
That is what I like about ON. They dont sell bogus or illegal supplements like a lot of other companies do. I personally believe ON is the best company on the market with the highest quality products.
Jan 10, 2008
ON definitely makes quality products that I trust, and sells them at a fair price.
Jan 10, 2008
I fully support ON! You are the most serious company in the market
Jan 16, 2008
There was a study done in Europe of many of the OTC supplements we've been taken that have been tested with either banned substances or steroids themselves. The problem I had with the article is that they never named the companies or products, which was well over a 100. But it does make you wonder a bit. These guys that tested positive, maybe they could have taken an OTC that they thought was safe and wasn't on the banned list ...Before long Protein powder will be banned as a performance enhancing supplements.
ON I've loved your strawberry from day one have been hooked ever since,,, some of the best protein available!!!
Basskiller from worldclassbodybuilding
Edgar Torres
Jan 26, 2008
Yeah the guys at ON rocks! you dont sell out, we are not paying you only the merchandise and the banners, we are paying just our product and we are sure we will get what it does, thanks!
Jan 28, 2008
Out of all the supplement companies I've tried I have been the most satisfied with ON's products. They have yet to let me down.