Dieting With & Without Breakfast

Dieting With & Without Breakfast Some observational studies have associated always eating breakfast with lower body weight. Of course, that doesn't make breakfast mandatory for dieters. To get to the bottom of this commonly held assumption, a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recruited 283 subjects aged 20 to 65 and assigned them to either always or never eat breakfast as part of a 16-week weight loss initiative.

Compared to subjects in a control group who lost an average of 1.5 pounds after adjustments for age, gender and other factors, those who regularly sat down to breakfast lost 1.7 pounds and those who never ate breakfast lost 1.3 pounds during the 16-week intervention.

True Strength Moment: This study found that it really doesn't make much difference whether you consume breakfast or not if the goal is to lose weight, but we'd suggest 'breaking the fast' with a balance of protein for muscle support and carbohydrates for energy. If anything, it'll help you nutritionally prepare for physical challenges in the gym. To see what adding fruits and veggies does for weight loss, read today's Performance Blog at
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