Tour De France Calorie Cost

Tour De France Calorie Cost During today's Stage 18 of the Tour De France, competitors will race 145.5 km. The mountainous course ranges in elevation between 195 meters and 2,115 meters, and the effort exerted during this challenge will cost each individual an average of 700 calories per hour, according to an article posted on The Salt, a blog at

To keep pace with their calorie and hydration needs, cyclists are consuming something pretty much continuously, starting as soon as they wake up. Breakfast is a carb-heavy buffet that holds back on dietary fiber. Eating continues on the bus to the starting line. Because a rider can only absorb about 350 calories per hour, their bodies rely on fat stores to fuel much of the day's effort. By the end of each stage, they've accumulated a major caloric deficit. So they wolf down potatoes, rice, tuna and fish oil capsules as the bus that takes them back to the hotel for more eating.

True Strength Moment: Most teams have a nutritionist on staff to make sure each competitor gets the right combination of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids along with their proteins and carbs. Most teams also have professional chefs, because everyone tends to eat more when the cooking's really good!
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