Best Intensity For Fat Burning

Best Intensity For Fat Burning Maximal oxygen consumption, usually expressed as VO2 Max, is the maximum rate of oxygen you consume during incremental exercise and is a pretty good indicator of your aerobic fitness. It can also be used to determine the intensity for maximal fat oxidation, as a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows.

Scientists had 14 active, healthy females in their 20s perform a graded treadmill exercise test followed by a maximal fat oxidation test. Regardless of body fat levels, all subjects achieved a maximal rate of fat oxidation at between 55% and 59% of VO2 Max.

True Strength Moment: What's interesting about this study is the peak fat oxidation rate stayed in a fairly tight range for all subjects, despite the fact that levels of body fat ranged from 18% to 30% of body mass. Keep this exercise intensity in mind when you're starting a cutting phase.
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