Protein Recovery For Mud Running

Protein Recovery For Mud Running Long before the obstacle course races popular with active adults today, there was a sport called orienteering. It's a test of fitness, agility and strategy where competitors use a map and compass to chart their run across unmarked terrain. A study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism shows how whey protein hydrolysate can help with recovery from a physical challenge like orienteering.

Researchers provided 18 elite orienteers with a supplement containing 0.3 grams of hydrolyzed whey protein per kg of body weight before each of 13 training sessions and a supplement containing 0.3 grams of the same protein combined with 1 gram of carbs per kg of body weight afterward. Compared to orienteers who received calorie-matched carbohydrate supplements before and after training, the protein group ran a faster 4 km course and had reduced levels of muscle damage after a week of intense training.

True Strength Moment: In this study, a 145 pound athlete would have received 20 grams of whey protein hydrolysate before training and another 20 grams with 66 grams of carbs post-workout. Protein's versatility extends beyond the weight room.
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