Tennis String Tension Tradeoff

Tennis String Tension Tradeoff You'd think that playing with really stiff tennis racquet strings would give you a return speed advantage, and to some extent that's true. But a study published in the Journal of Applied Biomechanics suggests high-tension strings can increase forearm muscle fatigue, and that can take something off your game in the later stages of a long match.

Researchers has 16 competitive players take part in two simulated extended duration tennis matches; one with high-stiffness racquet strings and one with low-stiffness strings. Although peak acceleration was higher with the really stiff strings, grip strength tested after the match was significantly decreased compared to when athletes played with less stiff racquet strings.

True Strength Moment: The faster forearm muscle fatigue might have been caused by an increase in resonant frequency on the racquet's frame. Whatever the case, a decrease in ball speed in the final sets of the match might not be worth the tradeoff of greater acceleration early in the game. To find out how swimsuit selection can impact 50 meter freestyle sprints, read today's Performance Blog at
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