Demands Of Different Workouts

Which type of workout is going to be the hardest on gym newbies? To measure the physiological demands of continuous running at 80% of maximum heart rate, lifting 50% of one rep max with progressive loading up to 80%, and a concurrent program alternating between strength and endurance protocols every other workout, a study published in the Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness used oxidative stress and antioxidant capacity as yardsticks.

Researchers assigned 30 untrained men in their early 20s to one of these protocols. Antioxidant defenses increased most dramatically (21%) during the early stages of endurance training, but although the rates of change were different between workout types, all three workouts induced similar overall adaptations.

True Strength Moment: Yesterday, we reported on what you could expect from starting a concurrent workout with strength versus the endurance phase. Today's research on oxidative stress underscores the importance of giving your body the break it needs to adjust and recover.
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