How The Hormone Irisin Works

How The Hormone Irisin Works Next time you feel like skipping cardio day, think about the hormone FNDC5. It's more commonly known as irisin, and was first reported in the journal Nature in January 2012. Irisin is released during moderate intensity aerobic exercise. You can't realize its benefits with short-term burst of effort under stacks of plates.

Researchers believe that irisin might play a role in maintaining healthy body weight, supporting brain function and possibly slowing the aging process. Released by muscle cells during endurance exercise, the hormone is capable of reprogramming fat cells to burn instead of store energy, switching on genes that can turn white fat into brown fat and lengthening telomeres that serve as protective caps on chromosomes.

True Strength Moment: Scientists speculate that irisin might be a type of molecular messenger for transmitting the benefits of exercise throughout the body. Whether or not this assumption holds true, the benefits of exercise are available to anyone who puts in the work.
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